About us

About us

Hello guys, my name is Deepak Prajapati, passionate about internet and technology. I am in blogging since 2019. In April 2019, I started my blog and I have created some website and blog with copy paste work for me. I was beginner at that time and I am just focusing on adsense for earning money and this is my big mistake that I absorbed and because my focus is not on my website and blog and this affect me that i not earn money.

And I also realize that doing blogging or etc. For earning money will not work. The thing that will work here is patience.

After taking many time. I decided to learn more about Seo search engine optimization. Then, I watched lots of YouTube videos and read many articles related to blogging, Seo search engine optimization, online earning tips, and more.

After getting enough knowledge I have started this website or blog named techsmaachaar.in and, this is working now because this time I have knowledge and patience also and this all about me.

email- techsmaachaar@gmail.com