how to write a blog in 6 steps

How to write a blog in 6 steps

How to write a blog post in 6 steps, it very important to know that, how to write a blog because becoming a best successful blogger is important to know how to write a blog. online paise kaise kamaye

Hello, friend me Deepak I am here for you to tell you about how to write a blog for and how to write a blog in a very way and very easy step so are you ready? Let’s started.


Six steps to writing the best blog post – Seo friendly

1. Do full planning means directly don’t start writing a blog, first do plan to how to do it and in it plan all the thing that comes from starting to end because for writing a best blog post or article it is important to do planning from blog starting to ending.

2. Before writing a post first choose your post topic means to choose your topic on which you want to write a post.

3. When you have decided your topic then start to know about it more and more because if you know about it then you can easily tell about it to another person through your blog post so it is necessary to know about your blog post topic.

4. Write blog body it means to tell all about your chosen topic by related some heading, it helps you to write long word article and also it holds your visitors for a long time if your stay long duration of time on your blog then Google will increase your ranking and bring your post on top. download tamil movies

5. After knowing about the chosen topic then search some related question means add some question answer related to your blog post topic because of this time visitors want to see the question because by it visitors will know more about it and google also prefer to add question and answer to your blog post and it also help you to rank in Google and visitors also like your post and it will come again and again for your blog. affiliate marketing kya hai

6. And the last step is to add a conclusion or summary and in that,
you can tell in a very short paragraph about your blog from start to end.

Let’s discuss all the six steps to write a blog post, here we discuss step by step of all six steps.

1. Planning

It is a good habit to do planning before starting anything, when you do first planning and then do the work then your work will be perfectly done and it gives your 100% percent and when you not panning before doing anything then your work will get hard and boring and it also takes more time and still your work will not be done perfectly and it not give you your 100% percent and then you get upset. blog kaise banaye

Let’s discuss it by the hypothetical story –

In a house, two girls live with her family one day her mother say to both for cooking and order to make four types of food and both girls say OK mom the first girl sit around and start thing what material is needed to make food and go in the kitchen and checking the materials are present or not then she finds some materials for 

food is left then she goes market and bring all the left material and start cooking and after some time she has done his work. But the other girl do differently from the first girl, she vastly runs in a kitchen and starts making food and some minutes later she observed that the materials needed for making food some are left and then she 

gets tense and unhappy or upset and she stops all the work and goes market and bring the left material and then start again and she takes more time to make it. And the first girl easily makes it by any problem, so you have understood why planning is important before writing a blog. how to create gmail account

2. In the second step, I told you to chose the topic, so how can you chose your blog topic to write a blog, it is very easy to choose or select a topic before choosing a topic to see on which category describe your website and then select topic related to your website and its process does not end at choosing topic when you chose 

the topic you need to make your topic interesting heading it helps you to attract visitor to your blog and more visitors will come to your blog, so you can take care of it and if you confused on how to write attractive heading you can read or see other magazine or blog post to how they are written his/ her heading and there you get more idea how to write attractive heading to attract visitors to your blog.

3. I told you above the third step is to know your topic deeply
because when you know something, this can you tell perfectly
someone or explain it by any problem and when you don’t know
perfectly all about your topic so how can you tell someone about it and how can you explain, so its important to know your topic

deeply, when you write your blog post by the third process you will get more profit and benefit because when you write a blog by the third step process the visitor will know well their search and when they read your blog they will your fans and they come to your website and read your all post and stay on it and it is known as making relationships between visitors and website.

4. In the fourth step, you need to take care of your topic body
means tell your blog topic by related heading in the body if your blog topic is how to write a blog so you can write some related heading of the topic in the body like above we are written in the body section.

5. In the fourth step, we tell you that write some question related to your topic and what ask people relied on the topic that you can add to your blog post it helps to four visitors to get happy and also make your strong relationship between themselves.

6. And the last step we told you to tell your topic in a short paragraph to help visitor to learn easily and there you can add a question it will help you that the visitors will give an answer in the comment.

Related questions ask –

Q. How do you start your own blog for free?

A. It is very to start your own blog for free go on the here you will easily create your own blog for free.

Q. How do you write a blog post?

A. Above we told you six steps to how to write a blog
the post you can read and then you will know how to write a blog post.

Q. Where can I write a blog?

A. If you want to start in free so go to the blogger and
if you want to spend money so then go on WordPress,
it is best for you.

Q. What should I write a blog about?

A. You must need to do keyword research related to
your website niche and then write a blog.

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Conclusion –

In this article we told you, how can you write the best article and how can you write a fast and best article for your website, if you want more information so you can comment us we will reply you and also tell us about this post is helpful or not and thank you so much for ready at end.


Writing a blog is very work to do it, in it, you only take care of
only six steps which we told you above after that you easily write your blog and one more thing start writing a blog because practical is the best method to learn.

Our question –

Q. What you think about the blog please tell us your answer
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