very easy ways to make money online

make money online

No idea is small when you think in very expand the form.

Here we tell you the best idea and way by which you will be making money online easily so are you ready to know it, let’s go how to make money online.

If you think that you will make more and more money over a night so this post is not for you if you want to make and earn money so you have patients, without it you never earn and make money online and also not get success

so we recommend you to be patients because no one in the world who get rich over a night, it happens in only hypothetically so we say you that come out of that world and see the reality. Let’s know to make money online.

Digital Marketing

Have you listen about digital marketing if you not listen about it then click this link and know about digital marketing. Digital marketing is very famous in this day because many people through digital marketing earn and make

millions of rupees or thousands of dollars, but it is not easy to process you have to need to know more and more about it and about Seo and more. We tell you that many people are making money through digital marketing and I have proof also that many people are making money by digital marketing more than millions.


YouTube is one of the best apps for Android and the YouTube user presents in more than million and its popularity is so high and a lot of people making money by YouTube. If we say that some people earning more than 10 lakh from YouTube can you trust us, tell in the

comment section we are waiting for your comment. There are some people’s who make more than 10 lakh and those people are technical guruji, ashischanchlani vines, and BB ki vines. When you go to YouTube and search

about it then you know about it and now the questions come is how they make more than 10 lakh rupees, so don’t worry is very easy to make 10 lakh because here we tell you how to do by it you will earn approx 10 lakh so let’s going to know how you will get more than 10 lakh,

These steps are –

  • Firstly identify your skills because when you have the skill then you perfectly did that skill.

  • Then come to YouTube and create your channel and take your unique channel name and related to your skill. If you don’t know how to create a youtube channel then click on it.

  • After creating channel then check domain name for your youtube channel, later in this post we tell you that how you can earn or make money online. If you don’t know about domain and how to buy or purchase a domain then click here.

  • When you created your channel then start uploading video and video quality must be good and unique.

  • After some time your on your video get more and more visitors, likes, subscribers, etc. And when you have a lot of viewers watch time and subscriber then you can add to adsence and get ads on your website and adsence give you money. One more way to make money by youtube if you want, comment us yes,

Blogging or blogger

You have listened about blog or website if not so don’t worry we will tell you how to earn money from blog and websites. If you know about blogging then you know about that in 2019 the number of bloggers increased and because of it in the blogger have more competition. I am also come online to make money and now I am making money approx 1 lakh to make a blog

You have to follow only some rule to earn more and more money by blogger this is here-

  • Start your blog related to your passion, skill, hobby, and interest.

  • Work every day on the blog at least give one hour to your blog from your daily life and another is.

  • Upload a post in sequence day means to fix your time to upload article like post article every day or upload one article in three days and follow it regularly.

  • Take care of your blog content.

  • Make your blog fast, and good looking.

  • When you follow these five steps then you will get fastly adsence approval and then your earning will start.

Affiliate marketing

All the e-commerce website have an affiliate program like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. There you can create your account easily and join their affiliate program and then promote the product, here is

the most places where you can share or promote your products fast these are social media, YouTube, blogger, WordPress, website, etc. In affiliate marketing you will make money by making sell in it you get a commission on per sale if you get commission 10% on a product and this product price is 10000 then you get 1000 rupees on one sell and when you make 100 sell then you will get 1 lakh rupees. When you

think about it in very large or expend it then you realize that more profit in affiliate marketing, click here to know more about affiliate marketing and click here to create your Amazon affiliate account or click here to create your Flipkart affiliate program.


You can not only earn through ads on website, but you can also earn through the website in many ways like providing service, selling a product, online teaching or selling course video for more detail about it you can comment me I will surely make a post on it in every detail.


Freelancers is a most popular website where people from all over the world connected to freelancer and a lot of company also connected to freelancers, in the freelancers you can create your account and tell your skill and people will find you and give work to you to related to your skill and you will get money from it or in the freelancers not only for taking a part-time job it is also for hiring and you can hire

someone for your need as par as. And by it you can easily make money online at home and it one of the easy method to make money online, can you think how much money do a  very good freelancer earn, don’t worry I will tell you a freelancer monthly earning is more than 100000 I am not joking it is right when you expand your idea or plan then you will realize that is very profitable.


Do you know one thing that who earn or make more money by app, a app creator or a app builder please give answer in the comment section, the more money earn a builder because creator take money for creating app and the money comes to it only that time when creator create app but a

builder give money only one time for creating app and after that builder make profit by that app. So the builder earns more than the creator. Now you have understood how to earn money from the app or how to make money by the app.

Seo expert

Seo expert is most important in website to rank number one and a Seo expert only take charge more than 50000 for rank your post number one.  Let’s take it in expand form when a Seo expert rank 10 post on number one in Google than he takes 5 lakh rupees for only that work.

If you don’t know about Seo click here to know about it.


If you are a Facebook lover means that if you spend your lot of time on Facebook so this method for you and who not spend his/her lot of time on Facebook is it good if you also want to earn you can start using Facebook, here you will know more about how to earn money from Facebook click here to read it.


Instagram is a platform which a lot of people using it and it a platform of image and video sharing and there you can follow or you follow by other, if you have a lot of followers then use this

method and start making money. No more thing to do it you have to do it only create affiliate account and share that product to your Instagram or join

influencer and share your product and get commission and you also get sponsored post by it you will get in one time 1 lakh rupees if you want to get rich faster than friends think in expand form or large.

Passive and active income

Do you know about passive and active income doesn’t worry I will tell you by example do you listen to give the house at rent this is an example of passive

income in it you will get money but you have created a source of money by it you will get money without doing any work. And a shopkeeper is an example of active income when shopkeeper

doing his work his income source also stop so that it is not good. So I recommended you to that create a passive income source for getting rich.


In this post I have tell you how to make money online and also given that where you can easily make money online and also tell you two source of income and it’s upon you that which

source of income do you apply and one more thing don’t forget the first line of the post it’s for you for getting rich fastly thank you for reading till end.

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