how to reset mi phone

How To reset MI Phone

how to reset mi phone नमस्ते जय श्री कृष्णा अस्सलामवालैकुम दोस्तों, दोस्तों आज हम आपको बताएंगे की mi phone reset कैसे करे तो जानने के लिए यह article पूरा जरूर पड़े और हमे comment करके बताइये की आपको यह artical कैसा लगा  तो चलिए सुरु करते हैं।  

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How to reset mi phone when it is locked, How to factory reset MI phone, How to wipe reset, How to wipe all data, How to reset MI phone when locked. How To reset Mi Phone? | When locked

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  • So, Here is the step how to reset Mi phone when it is locked.

    8 Steps to how To reset MI phone | When Locked हमने 8 steps बताएं हैं की कैसे mi phone को reset करे जब locked हो। mobile

    Step 1: At the starting hold the Power key button to switch off your device. 

    Step 2: Then press and hold the Power button + Volume up button for 5-10 seconds. 

    Step 3: When the “Mi Logo” glow on your screen, you can release your only the Power key button.

    Step 4: Keep holding the Volume Up key tills the “Recovery Mode” does not appear on the screen.

    Step 5: In this step, you have to select your “language” there, I am selecting the English language, using Volume keys. Then explore the “Power rocker” and select it. 

    Step 6: By using Volume down to scroll down and select the “Wipe Reset” and by clicking the power button you can confirm that option.  

    Step 7: Lastly, select “Wipe all data”, by using the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select options.  

    Step 8: By selecting “Yes”, you can perform your whole process. 



After doing this process, your all data get fully erased so always try to take backup files of important things otherwise you cannot get your files and data after erasing data so, be careful of this thing.

And also I am hoping that you have understood How to reset MI phone when locked.

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